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Personal Safety Alarm

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  • A personal safety emergency alarm that gives your family and loved ones peace of mind


  • Know where you are with GPS locating and Geo-Fencing safety features

  • Fall detection alarm with adjustable sensitive levels to suit your circumstances

  • Task alert and medication reminder

  • Help is always at hands with real-time alarm monitoring by family members, friends or our 24/7 monitoring centre

  • SOS emergency button to call emergency services

  • Future-proof 4G and 3G network ensuring reliable mobile signal means the device can be used anywhere in Australia 

  • SIM card with unlimited calls included at no extra cost

  • Long battery life lasts up to 7 days on one charge

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HomeGuardian Health Monitoring

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  • Fall and Incident Detection

  • Detects COVID-19 symptoms and onset of other flu like illnesses

  • Tracks movement and behaviour changes

  • Automatic alarm to alert your family/friends and Emergency Services

  • Private and secure


HomeGuardian is an artificial intelligence assistive technology device that provides fall and incident detection technology that saves lives.

The device can track movement and behaviour changes over time allowing for preventative care that has never been seen before.

HomeGuardian is the only technology in the world that enables this level of care while being 100% private and secure – processing all alerts on the device itself, with no images sent outside your home.

Home Security and Safety Monitoring

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  • Living at home in safety and security with 24/7 monitoring care support using latest artificial intelligence assistive technology (AIAT)

  • Privacy mode to protect your dignity

  • Absolute peace of mind for family and loved ones 

  • Real time two-way video calls in support of elderly care

  • Secured access to data for carer and loved ones when required

  • Smart artificial technology (AI) that uses multiple sensors and visual detection to identify individual behaviour and incidents and send alerts to your carer or family member for immediate assistance